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Let’s stop creating alcoholics in PHP

Note: I am referring to the PHP world because this is what I know. Based on comments I received from readers, it appears it is a general problem in other IT communities. You may already have guessed what this post

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Symfony Live 2014 NYC recap

Last week I had the honor and privilege of speaking at Symfony Live 2014 in New York City. This was my second opportunity to speak in Symfony Live in the US (last year was in Portland when Symfony Live shared

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Creating PHAR files with Box

PHAR files are the “executable”‘s of the PHP world. It allows you to create a package of your application for easy delivery. The most popular projects providing PHAR files are PHPUnit and Composer, but there are many more, and if you

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Copy SSH keys for easy and quick access to servers

SSH keys are great. It allows you to login to servers and SSH-based serveices without using passwords. Before using SSH keys, you need to create an key: ssh-keygen -t dsa Answer a few questions, and then you will have a

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